Family Manifesto

Would you like to understand the big picture of why the family is in decline? If you ever feel that you and your family are alone in your counter-cultural Christian worldview, you need to be encouraged. Once you understand what major forces have shaped family values and family law in our culture today, you can learn what you and your family can do in response. Anyone can learn and apply correct personal concepts designed to bring about a strong, healthy, world-changing family. All this is available in a book entitled Family Manifesto: What went wrong with the moral base for the family and how to restore it.

Working through a combination of ideology, law and faith, Family Manifesto is designed to be a macro revelation of what has occurred and a micro guide for implementing change for the family. Kohm's Manifesto follows the style and goals of previous manifestos, particularly building upon the foundation laid in 1981 by Francis Schaeffer's Christian Manifesto. Jesus Christ is the uncompromising foundation for this work. Although sometimes written in Marxian style, the author notes, the Manifesto is replete with Biblical truth for "intentional" living and spells out a directive strategy for the continued success of the family.

Part I exposes ideology that masquerades as science, rights that disguise themselves as constitutional, and privilege that expects a following. It discusses why elements of the family are not necessarily the way they ought to be by examining the metamorphosis of the law regarding families and each ideology's contribution to family breakdown.Part II provides evidence for affirmative legal, moral and cultural models of stability that restore individual families and thereby change the world. It offers the micro-ideologies that restore individual families. Family Manifesto is about changing the world, one family at a time. Readers and researchers alike will appreciate the thorough bibliograph.

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