2018 March for Life: Largest Human Rights Rally in World History

Today is a significant day as hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers of all ages descended on Washington to stand in solidarity to protect unborn children.  This day marks 45 years of grassroots efforts to restore a culture of life in our nation, and protect women and children. Regent Students for Life faculty, staff, students and friends chartered a bus to join thousands at the rally who committed to join this pro-life generation and then come back home to save lives and transform their campuses and communities.

Very significantly, President Trump addressed from the Rose Garden the several million person crowd with an address to the marchers, (introduced by Vice President Pence) being the first sitting president in history to support life by addressing the March for Life.  These national leaders recognize that 45 years of abortion is a national tragedy, and as the President stated, "This March is born out of love, as every child is a precious gift from God…. Love saves lives."  President Trump also issued several important orders to protect the conscience and religious liberty of those opposed to abortion.

Additionally, elected pro-lifers in the U.S. House of Representatives also put forth, timed with the 45th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade abortion ruling, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. While the facts it addresses are a sad commentary on the state of our culture, this common-sense bill would protect babies who survive an attempted abortion. Unfortunately there have been hundreds of such deaths documented in recent years.  This bill would protect those babies in the future and would hold abortionists accountable who violate it.   

If you would like to find out the many effects that the Roe decision has had on families, download and read Roe's Effects on Family Law, where you'll learn how that ruling harmed relationships between wives and husbands, parents and children, and has even brought great harm to romantic relationships (see Part 3).  Today marks 45 years of working toward family restoration in protecting lives of women and children.


Federal Judges & Families

Federal judges with strong pro-family values have an important impact on family policy nationally through solid judicial decision-making.  In 2017 a number of federal judges nominated by President Trump were confirmed by the United States Senate. These judges are likely to faithfully interpret the Constitution and state law, rather than attempt to create law from the bench.

Two of the most recent appointments to federal circuit courts have strong ties to the Family Policy Alliance network. Judge Don Willett, formerly Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, was recently confirmed to sit on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  He has an excellent judicial reputation and is closely connected to Texas Values, Family Policy Alliance’s allied organization in Texas. Also, Judge Steve Grasz of Nebraska was confirmed to sit on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.  He was formerly on the board of the Nebraska Family Alliance and his son, Nate Grasz, serves as the Policy Director of that organization.

The work of a judge is critical to the application of the law, and to protecting children. He or she can make a difference for generations.  Family restoration will be served by these two fine appointments.


Queen Elizabeth II: Home as a Sanctuary

In the new year of 2018, families will continue to be the difference makers for individuals around the world. 

Queen Elizabeth II, the 68 year reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, posted her traditional holiday message, and this holiday it was focused on the home.  Her point: your home should be a sanctuary.  A shelter for those you love, made by you to be a safety net in all ways to protect, refresh, and restore members of your family, your home is a sanctuary from the world and all its concerns for your family.  See the full six minute message here.  The Queen has the problems of the world on her mind, but her focus remains on Jesus Christ and His plan for all mankind – the family.

May your home be specially blessed in 2018.


Christmas & Family Restoration

Family restoration is an imaginable reality because of Christmas.
A woman with child, a father to protect that child and mother, and a child to save the world – together they were a family for the ages designed to change eternity.

This holiday season allow the Nativity to be a constant reminder of family restoration – its importance, its significance, its necessity. 
May you and your family enjoy the hope, joy, and restoration that is only possible because of Christmas.