The state of the family in culture opens up incredible opportunities for the body of Christ to offer new hope to a struggling world, particularly in family life and law. Teaching, researching, serving and publishing in the areas that affect families and Family Law, I have the privilege of teaching family law from a biblical perspective toward family restoration. As you might imagine, to grasp family law concepts from this perspective is quite unique among law schools in the United States. Regent Law students have the opportunity to receive excellent training to serve as a counselor at law and to study in an environment that will challenge spiritual growth.

This process of integrating biblical principles into the study of law reflects our mission that professional training would be incomplete if it did not recognize and reaffirm our common Christian faith. Family law particularly brings out some cognitive dissonance that enables and encourages students to understand the desperate need for Christian lawyers, and for those lawyers to be healers of human conflict, and to use the law to work toward family restoration.

Understanding the basics of God’s design for the family is critical to any lawyer in America today. From constitutional law to conflicts of law to evidence and procedure to estate planning, families need hope and restoration. Regent Law provides the benefit of understanding the breakdown of the family from a legal and biblical perspective, discerning what can be done, both personally and legally, to restore the family to that complete design God originally intended.

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