For years Professor Kohm’s students, readers and audiences have been inspired and encouraged to be intentional in their lifestyle of personal responsibility in family life and law. Focused on Jesus Christ, she has published prolifically on legal areas of concern to families, including marriage, women, children, and life. She published her foundational work, Family Manifesto: What Went Wrong with the Moral Basis for the Family and How to Restore It with W.S. Hein Co. in 2005.

Family Manifesto

216 pages Publisher: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2006 ISBN 0-8377-3351-0

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Working through a combination of ideology, law and faith, Family Manifesto is designed to be a macro revelation of what has occurred and a micro guide for implementing change for the family. Part I exposes ideology that masquerades as science, rights that disguise themselves as constitutional, and privilege that expects a following. It discusses why elements of the family are not necessarily the way they ought to be by examining the metamorphosis of the law regarding families and each ideology's contribution to family breakdown. Part II provides evidence for affirmative legal, moral and cultural models of stability that restore individual families and thereby change the world. It offers the micro-ideologies that restore individual families. Family Manifesto is about changing the world, one family at a time. Readers and researchers alike will appreciate the thorough bibliography.

Estate Planning Success for Women

252 pages; Publisher: Barron Publishing Co. (September 5, 2000); ISBN-10: 0971637644

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Estate Planning Success for Women takes the complex world of estate planning and breaks it down to 9 simple steps to help you save money and stay in control of your assets. Whether you are widowed, married, single, retired or planning for retirement, a business owner or professional person, or just want to learn the best ways to protect your estate, this book will save you significant time and money.

The Christian Guide to Wills, Living Trusts and Estate Planning

260 pages; Publisher: Barron Publishing Co. (September 5, 2000); ISBN-10: 0977684210

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A comprehensive guide to estate and charitable planning and how to incorporate the Christian worldview. The objective is to help you understand why Christian estate planning is unique and to help you accomplish all God has for you in that process. Learn how to find an estate planning attorney, whether or not you need a living trust, and how to provide for your loved ones and organizations important to you as part of your personal legacy.

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