A Look Back by a 2L

by Valerie Payne, 2L*

On Friday of last week, my Con Law 2 class was held in the Moot Court room in order to accommodate a group of visiting students. It flashed me back to two years ago, when about this time of year, I was a senior at the University of Florida experiencing mixed emotions – excitement about the decision to attend law school at Regent University combined with a flurry of nerves about the unknown future ahead of me. The best thing I could have done at that point of the year was just what those students were doing last Friday: visit the school, sit in on a course or two, and see for yourself what it’s all about.
I took advantage of my spring break to do exactly that. I took a trip with my dad up to D.C. and drove down to Virginia Beach to experience for myself a little taste of what my life would be like for the next three years. What a wise decision! A student who I became good friends with later on took me to sit in on two of her courses. The first was an hour that I will never forget; Professor Kohm was introducing the topic of abortion to her Family Law class. Before the discussion began, she led a devotional and took prayer requests from the students. When we bowed our heads in prayer, a chill ran down my spine. Growing up in the public school system for so many years, it was an incredible rush to sit in a classroom that openly embraced the Christian values that I cherish. It was a special moment, and I still value every minute of class devotionals at Regent, a place where we are so very blessed to be able to edify and encourage each other in our faith.
That was the very thing that drew me to Regent in the first place – the unique opportunity to learn the law from a Biblical perspective. And I must add that we learn it here with excellence. The quality of the professors and faculty at this school is exceptional in that they are exceedingly qualified not only to challenge and stimulate us academically, but spiritually as well, on a very personal level.
This is a special and cooperative place, where the driving goal is to cultivate Christian leaders of integrity who will affect our tomorrow in tremendous ways for the kingdom. If you are a potential student reading this blog, I encourage you to come visit us and see for yourself the very qualities about Regent Law that drew me here, and the character of the school that causes me to grow intellectually and spiritually each day. Consider coming for a warm welcome and perhaps a very pleasant surprise!

*Valerie Payne is a 2L at Regent Law, and serves as Prof. Kohm's graduate research assistant. She also serves on the Regent Law Review, works as a law clerk at the American Center for Law and Justice, and is a clerk for the federal judiciary for the Eastern District of Virginia under Judge Kelley. She spent last summer with Regent's summer program in International Law in Strausborg, France, and worked with Campus Crusade for Christ in their Orlando legal office.

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