Who will stand for family values?

From Focus on the Family Citizen

During last night's debate, you heard issues raised that are critically important to your family and the future of our nation. At Focus on the Family®, a foundational part of our ministry is to clearly and persuasively communicate the issues surrounding the preservation of traditional values and the institution of the family.

To help you protect the people, values and country you care about, we publish Focus on the Family Citizen® magazine. Every issue gives you information no one else offers. We set the record straight on the issues that affect your family, your neighborhood and your church.

Our stories feature local heroes who have o

vercome great odds (and their own fears) to stand up for the values they cherish. Plus we provide the practical steps that will help you make a difference in your own community--and nationally.


Also check out this article on Sarah Palin, written by  Brad Wilcox:

Talking right, stumbling left

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