Marriage on the Ballot in California, Florida and West Virginia –and maybe even in Connecticut?

When the people’s voice is considered regarding marriage, the results are resoundingly simple: marriage is the union of one man and one woman which ought to be protected in state law.  Three states will vote on constitutional amendments protecting marriage on November 4, and all of them are showing strong pre-election results that favor marriage. 

Californians are supporting Proposition 8 by a margin much wider than imagined.  See:

October 15, 2008

West Virginians are supporting their state’s marriage amendment by wider margins.   See:

October 15, 2008

Floridians are supporting their state’s marriage amendment even more strongly.  See:

October 9, 2008

To get a complete picture of the case for marriage facing American voters see:

October 16, 2008

Furthermore, Connecticut residents will have an opportunity to vote for a complete redraft of their entire constitution via a constitutional convention particularly in light of the recent high court decision in that state to sanction same-sec marriage.  See:

October 15, 2008

Video: “Election Update: Three States to Vote on Definition of Marriage”

Citizen Link carries this video report: “In this week’s Focus Action Election Update, Stuart Shepard and Tom Minnery discuss the status of state marriage amendments. John Stemberger, who is leading the fight in Florida, offers an update on efforts there.”

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