ACLJ Dedicates Conference Room to Evangelist

After the oral arguments by Mr. Jay Sekulow in Pleasant Grove v. Summum, more than 150 Regent students, faculty, attorneys and friends of the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) were assembled at the public interest law firm’s offices in Washington, D.C. After Mr. Sekulow welcomed all present, and thanked his associates and law clerks for all their hard work on the case, former Attorney General John Ashcroft also addressed the crowd. Commending Mr. Sekulow for his excellent work on behalf of religious freedom, he echoed the love for their involvement with Regent Law and the ACLJ.

The gathering was most highlighted with a presentation by Mrs. Pam Sekulow of naming the building’s conference room in honor of longtime friend, evangelist and supporter of religious freedom, Melinda Ann Davis.

Melinda and her husband Jerry, a missionary pastor, have concentrated their ministry efforts in missions work, evangelism, and assisting victims of national disasters and wars. Together they served in 61 countries conducting their compassion ministry to reach the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pam Sekulow writes, “After being told on September 15th she only had weeks to live, Melinda decided to spend her time by her husband’s side aiding victims in Galveston following the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.” Despite the pain she was suffering from, Melinda “chose to fulfill the purpose for which she was on this planet. Melinda went down fighting… not by fighting with someone, but by fighting FOR someone. She fought for her life and she fought for the lives of those whom she knew were in crisis… In her time of greatest crisis, she reached out to help someone else.”

Mrs. Sekulow concluded that the Melinda Ann Davis Conference Room will be utilized in the work of preserving true liberty, as was Melinda’s life.

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