“God Is Always In Control” Check out this update from a Regent Law alum…

Good morning Professor Kohm,

I don't know if you remember me.  I was in your legal research and writing class and also took Family Law and Wills with you.

During one discussion, perhaps in the Family Law class, you brought up cloning and the discuss was quite heated.  You ended class with the reminder that cloning didn't take God by surprise, he knew that thad day would come.  Anyway, at different times in my life in other situations that has been a good reminder that God is in control.  

I thought I would pass this on to you, I hope it encourages you.

Last year, I had a foster daughter for three months.  She turned 17 while placed with me.  It didn't end well, and while I still have a relationship with her, her being removed from my home was a little traumatic.  Because of my experience, last week a coworker asked for advice about his 16 year old stepdaughter.  He and the girl's mom married this past summer, and apparently she has lied to the mom about some things and, as a teenager often does, thought her life was horrible, and apparently seeks a lot of attention from boys.  The mom was very upset and worried about the choices the girl might make.  (The mom was 16 when she got pregnant with her and she is afraid that the daughter will make the same choices she did as a teen).  All that to say that my coworker and his wife were pretty emotional last Friday.  And as I talked with him, I finally reminded him that this situation didn't surprise God, and none of them are beyond God's reach. 

So my coworker told that to his wife, the wife met with their pastor before church on Sunday and mentioned what Randy said to her, and the pastor ended up mentioning in his sermon that no matter a person's circumstances, God is still in control. 

Randy, my coworker, was telling me this Monday, apologetically, because his wife, and then their pastor thought he came up with the idea.  I had to tell him that I couldn't take credit for it either, that I had heard it in law school from Professor Kohm after a discussion on cloning. 

The cool thing was that, I had been praying for the daughter Friday night and Randy told me that the daughter had talked to them on Sunday night about how maybe her life wasn't so bad and appeared to have a change of heart.

I just thought I would pass on that God continues to speak through you.   

Kind regards,
Class of 2000 Grad

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  1. Adoption and foster care are very rewarding and very difficult at the same time. While both are an amazing mission field, they seem to be viewed as such by the Christian community. Where a missionary may spend a few or many years teaching, those who adopt or provide foster care are missionaries for the entire life of the child, and in that they get to minister every hour of every day. In this, it is essential to remember that God is in control at all times and in all ways, because any person who is witnessed to will not always act that way we want them to, nor are the circumstances every as we would design them.