The future of family law – family redefinition or family restoration?

I’ve been working quite intensely over these last 2 months on an important judicial matter. A case has arrived at a state Supreme Court which deals with the growing trend of interstate recognition of same-sex parental rights when the forum state does not recognize such partnerships. I was contacted to assist in providing legal authority on the matter from a family law perspective. I was able to gather several students who worked hard on the project with me. They understood the magnitude of the matter, particularly for this ten year old child at the center of the debate. As one of the students researchers put it, “The crux of the issue is whether one state can define what a ‘parent’ is for a sister state, and subsequently, whether a state must give full faith and credit to a sister state’s parentage rulings.”

Another Regent Law student, Brooke Bialke, working with our law marketing department was talking with one of the student researchers, and has written a fabulous article covering the issue. Read the complete article at http://regentlawnews.blogspot.com/2009/05/regent-law-professor-selected-to.html.

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