Restoring Abandoned Frozen Embryos to Families

Every year our students win writing competitions, and every year they write about something profoundly important to family law and family restoration. Last year Jonathan Penn (09) placed second in the competition for his work on embryo adoption. This year Carissa Giebel (also 09) has won the same award for the writing contest sponsored by Nightlight Christian Adoptions in California. She writes….

“The fate of abandoned frozen embryos is nothing but uncertainty. Unfortunately legislatures have not established any law for determining when embryos have been abandoned. Today, fertility clinics merely have the guidance of the determinations made by the Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Model Act. The proposal to apply the common law property concept of abandonment is appropriate to this legal need….” Her complete essay can be read at at http://embryolaw.org/essays/PRN26060.pdf.

Property Professor Michael Hernandez and I were privileged to watch her work through the process required to complete such a piece of legal scholarship. She writes “Thank you both so much for all your help with writing my paper on abandoned frozen embryos. We are so blessed as Regent students to have professors like you who are so gracious with their time. I won second place in the competition. Thank you so much!

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