The Future of Women at Regent - Hope for Family Restoration

Last month, Regent University School of Law graduated its class of 2009 - and to meet the parents of all the graduates was wonderful. Most encouraging is how these women have grown in their faith into multiplying disciples during law school.

Here you can read the perspective of Valerie Payne, 09 graduate and winner of the National Association of Women Lawyer's Outstanding Graduate Award from Regent Law. She's been involved in discipleship throughout law school, and loved every minute of the opportunities she had to spiritually and academically disciple 1L and 2L women who want to make a difference for Jesus Christ in the legal profession.

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From: Valerie Payne
Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2009 11:49 PM
Subject: Discipleship with Professor Kohm

Dear Heather, Shea, Amy, and Terah,

My lovely 1L ladies! As I prepare to graduate, I would like to extend a special offer to each of you that is very special to my heart. Beginning my 2L year, I have had the privilege to be personally discipled by Professor Lynne Marie Kohm, who has become a wonderful mentor and friend (and boss!) to me. She has helped me in so many ways and her guidance, support, and Godly counsel have been invaluable as I have navigated various challenges during my law school path - both personally and professionally. It would not have been the same experience without her. Now that I am ready to leave, it is important to me to be able to "pass the torch," so to speak, to God-seeking women such as yourselves. Several of you have had (or are about to have, Heather ;) direct experience with Campus Crusade, and because Professor Kohm used to be on staff with Crusade, she follows their discipleship model and implements it in a way that it carries on for generations of students. She has grown a legacy of Regent alumni who have been blessed by this opportunity for discipleship during law school, and it is ever-growing.

I would ask each of you to prayerfully consider if this is something you would be interested in and willing to commit to (she meets with a group every other week with a different topic of study each semester). If you would like to try it out and meet Professor Kohm, she has welcomed you to join us at her home for our last meeting of this semester.

Thanks for reading all this ladies, and I look forward to seeing how God will continue to bless you in your law careers as you continue to run after Him and seek His will for you!

Valerie S. Payne
J.D. Candidate 2009
Regent University School of Law
Executive Editor, Regent Law Review
Law Clerk, American Center for Law & Justice
Graduate Assistant, Professor Lynne Marie Kohm
Blackstone Legal Fellow, Class of 2008

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