Education, Parenting and Family Restoration

Ninomania, found at http://ninomania.blogspot.com, the preeminent Scalia blog (Nebraska Law Professor Richard Duncan at http://professorduncan.blogspot.com) by Regent Law Professor David Wagner, offers his (and Justice Clarence Thomas’) thoughts on education, particularly in light of a recent school speech case, Morse v. Frederick, 439 F.3d 1114 (2009) which Professor Wagner fondly euphemizes as “the Bong Hits case.”

Family restoration, I believe, can begin when parents take responsibility for their child’s education. Read what Wagner (and J. Thomas) have to say about in loco parentis and public education. I look forward to Professor Wagner’s essay….
“Many decisions worth commenting on are coming down right now, but I am currently crashing on an essay about education and the Constitution, and so will not be able to comment fully, if at all.

This is awkward for me, because on the off-chance that I have any readers, I owe it to them to comment case by case, and also because this essay is about the constitutional position of home-schooling, yet I am becoming increasingly convinced of the view of public schooling in America expressed -- solely -- by Justice Thomas in the Bong Hits case (available at http://www.law.cornel.edu/supct/html/06-278.ZC.html) Perhaps this helps, more than it hurts, any possible theory concerning home-schooling, but my larger point today is: I do not understand why Truth-Tellers on the Court are like Vampire-Slayers in the Buffyverse -- only one at a time.”
David Wagner 4:41 PM June 22, 2009,

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  1. I find the phrase "constitutional position of home-schooling" to be interesting. Is this truly a constitutional issue or even a governmental issue? Further, if the government does insist in getting further involved, could we trend from a country that grants asylum to one from which parents escape?