God works in mysterious ways – Law & Military Families?

A recent Regent Law graduate felt that God might be leading him to work in the field of estate planning, and moved in the direction of obtaining further graduate training at the L.L.M. level accordingly. But God had a different plan in mind…that would accelerate Colin’s military experience and legal education for His glory toward family restoration. Read this story of God’s work in and through the life of Colin Smith (Regent ’09):
Hello Everyone,
I hope and trust everyone is having a good summer. I wanted to thank you all again for your kind assistance and support for me and my plans for an LLM at Miami. I have had an unusual turn of events.
The day before the last final exam for me at Regent Law I received a request from the National Guard Bureau looking for someone for a one year tour of duty to be the POC for Strong Bonds (marriage enrichment and relationship building programs) and the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program for the Air National Guard. These programs are the main effort that the services are putting forth to support deploying and returning veterans.
Because the position required someone who had been both Army and Air Force, been deployed and several other qualifications, it seemed like it might be a good fit. Well, everything moved so quickly that it made our head spin a bit. The deadline was 24 hours later after I had received the Email because my boss assumed that it wouldn't interest me. They gave me a few more days to get my application in and I was "hired" a few days before graduation.
It does mean me delaying taking the bar for a year. However, it has been a wonderful experience so far. They liked the law degree because there will be policy writing as part of the position and legal issues do arise. I also will be working on several important ministry initiatives as well for the Air National Guard that are being considered. At times, I work in the Joint Chaplains office and the majority of my time will be spent at Andrews AFB, MD at the readiness center.
I will also be ensuring that units get funds provided to conduct reintegration, marriage and single soldier retreats. So, this has been an amazing (and a bit unusual) turn of events. We will be moving to Fairfax, VA. I am grateful for God's Providence. Just wanted to give everyone the news and thank you again for your efforts and prayers even though Miami ultimately materialized into only a wait-list.

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