Regent Law Student Scholarship

Regent Law student scholarship is getting noticed nationally as never before. Here’s just one example: A Professor at the Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis has requested the use of the recent article by Valerie S. Payne (yes, my 2007-09 Graduate Assistant!) entitled “On the Road to Victory in America’s War on Human Trafficking: Landmarks, Landmines, and the Need for Centralized Strategy, published in by Regent’s Law Review in 2008-09. The Indiana law professor will be using this scholarship in her materials for her course entitled “Illicit International Markets.” Valerie (pictured left) has given her permission to post this article on Indiana University’s course site, OnCourse. To view or read the article, click here.

Valerie wrote the article to address the horrors faced by innocent victims of human trafficking and to encourage the United States and other nations to make serious enforcement efforts that could save the lives of children, women and other victims of trafficking, and restore them to their families. This is yet another significant step indicating that Christian scholarship by leaders in the field of law is having an influence - not only the direction of the law, but how it is taught in law schools around the country. Bravo, Valerie!

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