Bringing Family Restoration to Criminal Cases

Having the privilege of hearing from Regent Law alums is one of the highlights of my week! See this update from Linda Hansen (Regent Law '94) McCausland who has the opportunity to begin family restoration by bringing it to individuals in her criminal law cases.

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To: Lynne Kohm
Subject: So nice to hear from you


Linda Hansen McCausland has sent you a message.
Subject: So nice to hear from you
Dear Professor Kohm,
How nice to see your face again! I'm still in this area, Virginia Beach. I practice at the Norfolk Public Defender's Office. I've practiced there for over 3 years. I've got lots of practice in criminal. Because I also counsel my clients in other areas of their lives, your family law class helps me to address their issues. Often, the clients are thrilled when I can quote scripture or profess my faith. I've heard more than once that they had prayed to get a Christian attorney and that I was an answer to prayers. I've learned more about the depth of God's grace through the experience. Even if you are a drug addict, commit crimes against the state, God still loves you and cares about you!
May your day be full of God's blessings,

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