More Analysis of Rifqa Bary's Case

CBN continues to be one of the only news outlets to cover the story of a Christian girl who is seeking the protection of authorities in Florida in her claims of fleeing her Muslim family for fear of her life. 

The recent report of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement revealed no evidence of impending harm. The meager investigation consisted of a few phone calls to interested parties largely due to Florida’s lack of jurisdiction to do a thorough investigation. No new hearings are yet scheduled on this case. 

Learn more about this story at CBN, and read the report recently released right here [PDF].

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  1. The mosque that Rifaq's family is part of is located in Hilliard, Ohio, the city that my family and I have attended church in for the last several years! Until this story came out, I wasn't aware that there was a significant Muslim presence in the central Ohio area.

    I do not understand why Muslims insist that their religion does not support the notion of honor killings. One of the courses I took in undergrad was on Middle Eastern history, and learning about Islam and its history was a big part of that course. The author of our text on Islam tried to paint a friendly picture of the Islamic faith, but even he acknowledged that the Koran specifically promulgates the death penalty for Muslims who turn from Islam.