International Family Law News & Analysis: A New Blog Toward Family Restoration

Americans for Divorce Reform’s John Crouch and partner/father Richard Crouch of Crouch & Crouch in Arlington, Virginia, have established a new web log focusing on international family law news and analysis. Crouch’s work in divorce reform has for years exhibited a deep commitment to family restoration and marital stability. With this new Blog, Crouch & Crouch reveal that family law is truly a global challenge to restore families.

The site tracks developments in international family law from a law practice that has grown naturally from the metro DC area location in Arlington where clients include many military, diplomatic and immigrant families, international organization employees, IT professionals, among others. The blog's purpose is to comment on the ongoing development of the law, and help other lawyers, journalists and the public understand individual cases around the world.

Postings do not provide a comprehensive description of the law, but can alert legal professionals to current legal trends to be prepared for in global family law. The fluidity of international law is very apparent in family law, but many of Crouch’s posts detail the problems faced in restoration of families otherwise affected by some type of international law and fact pattern.

This Blog is a great resource, and certainly worth watching as international family law continues to develop.
To access it go to: http://familylaw.typepad.com/internationalfamilylaw/ .

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