What do Regent Law Students Really Do?

Read this introduction to a specialty journal here at Regent Law from one of this year’s student officers to find out what students and faculty do other than class time. You might be surprised at how law students can change the world.
Subject: Regent Journal of International Law: Student Note Advisors
Hello! My name is Antionette Duck, and one of my positions on the Regent Journal of International Law is to serve as the journal’s Student Note Liaison this upcoming year.
One of the requirements for each new staffer is to write a student note on a pertinent international law issue. One of the most amazing opportunities our staffers will have here in law school is to write their student notes and send them out for publishing. What makes this opportunity even more exciting is the host of issues international law encompasses—from religious persecution, immigration, state sovereignty and economics to marriage, education, health care, bioethics and human trafficking. As writers, we have such a magnificent opportunity to directly engage our culture. My hope is that our staffers embrace the challenge as well as the incredible potential this opportunity holds.
Our staffers need student note faculty advisors willing to oversee their work throughout the drafting process and ultimately, to grade the final product. Many law faculty members have served as advisors in the past, and, I cannot emphasize enough what an invaluable resource this is to us. Given the wealth of knowledge, the mastery of subject matter, the practical experience, the advice and expertise are simply priceless.
The Regent Journal of International Law is the only international law journal in the country writing from a Christian perspective. We cannot underestimate our sphere of influence. For our students, their note isn’t just “a voice;” it is a voice that can affect society here and now.
Antionette Duck, 3L Student Note Liaison, Regent Journal of International Law

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