Abortion is Not Health Care - It Destroys Families

The U.S. Congress continues to pursue health care legislation with an abortion foundation. Leaders continue to promote health care that embraces and funds terminating the lives of children as “life affirming,” as Speaker Pelosi claims in this video clip, http://hotair.com/archives/2010/03/19/pelosi-prays-to-st-joseph-to-pass-this-abortion-funding-bill-for-its-life-affirmation-or-something, in attempts to solicit faithful citizens to pray to Saint Joseph for passage of the yet unclear legislative proposal.

News reports indicate Speaker Pelosi is just votes away from securing the votes needed to ensure that abortion will be health care for all Americans. Such legislation will also afford Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry its multi-billion-dollar government funded bailout with taxpayer money for years to come.

If the abortion mandate in health care passes the House, it will be immediately signed by President Obama and become the law of the land. Find out more at http://www.stoptheabortionmandate.com or you may participate in online at http://www.frcaction.org/healthcaretownhall.

Abortion is not health care. Rather, it kills children, hurts parents who choose abortion, and fosters further family breakdown for generations. Taxpayers ought not be required to fund it - ever.

In fact, abortion is harming the African American population in particularly dramatic ways. Recent CDC statistics reveal that black women get a disproportionate number of abortions, especially in some states. For example, in Georgia black abortion is increasing. The New York Times recently reported on this phenomenon. “’The impact of abortion has become so great that it has begun to impact our fertility rate,’ said Catherine Davis, the minority outreach coordinator for Georgia Right to Life, the state’s main anti-abortion group, which has sponsored the billboards in partnership with the Radiance Foundation, a group based in Atlanta that encourages adoption. The billboards — there are 65 now and will eventually be 80, Ms. Davis said — were created in conjunction with a new Web site, www.toomanyaborted.com, which says that all of Georgia’s abortion clinics are in “urban areas where blacks reside.” The Web site connects abortion to segregation, saying that after the civil rights era, racists went “underground,” and that today “abortion is the tool they use to stealthily target blacks for extermination.”’ Read the entire article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/06/us/06abortion.html.

In fact, today Regent Black Law Students Association and Regent Students for Life sponsored a fabulous noontime event that discussed the impact of this very phenomenon. Find out more at www.regent.edu.

The bottom line is that health care should never include abortion. Health care ought to be used to restore families, not to destroy them before they even begin.


  1. I think this is outrageous!! As Christians we all need to get involved to help combat this possible legislation. I personally would never want any portion of my taxes to go to organizations that fund abortions. It is obsurd to ask faithful constituents to "pray" that a bill like this passes. We should absolutely be praying that it does not pass, the disregard for life inherent in this bill is blaring and I pray for the day that these precious little lives are afforded equal protection under the Constitution of this land. The effects this legislation would have on states that have outlawed abortion, like Oklahoma, is scary. Lets get behind this thing and keep it off the books!

  2. I agree with Kara. To hear there might be enough votes to pass this bill tomorrow is incredibly alarming! I don't think a lot of people even realize what the stakes are - the speakers at the Right to Life Symposium definitely helped educate me. We need more debates like that.

  3. That's an interesting line at the end of the post, that health care should be used to restore families. I've never really thought about it like that, but I like it. The typical person thinks of health care as fixing our ailments and healing our sicknesses. I like the broader meaning posed above.

    The abortion link to race is definitely interesting and most assuredly could be linked to income. We don't see abortion clinics in affluent suburban areas of town.

    In a similar note related to the healthcare bill, I've been reading up on some of the Christian based medical-bill sharing companies out there. There are three notable ones doing their thing and they seem to be successful. The premise behind the companies are to create an organization that individuals can give to and also receive from when an individual or family has a medical need. They are seeking to promote Christian principles in caring for one another when other Christians become sick and need financial assistance with their medical bills. They claim not to be "insurance" companies for business and tax reasons, but they in essence are there to replace ones health insurance. They are worth a look.

    Christian Healthcare Ministries: http://www.chministries.org/
    Samaritan Ministries: http://www.samaritanministries.org/
    Medi-Share: http://medi-share.org/

    Here's a news story from Roanoke about HCSMs

    Here's another story from Texas

  4. I think it is ironic and also a little improper for Nancy Pelosi to associate St. Joseph with this bill that has now passed the House. Take a look at catholic.org and read a little about the life of this man and you will see what I mean. This was Jesus’s earthly father, a man that hid him in Egypt for years and kept him safe in Nazareth, that was fully and unquestionably obedient to God. Then you counter that with as is pointed out above, a health care bill that is going to be assisting in taking away lives and is not obedient to Christian principles. Nancy, don’t drag St. Joseph into this, and by the way, March 19, we celebrate Joseph as the Husband to Mary, it is not until May that we celebrate St. Joseph the worker.

  5. Excellent article, Prof. Kohm! Truly speaks to the issue at hand.

  6. Great point Sean. I too find it hilarious, but at the same time appalling that Pelosi would invoke St. Joseph. It seems to me that the position of the Catholic church, and indeed the majority of Christian denominations, is a strenuous denunciation of abortion. I wish that liberal politicians would be honest with themselves and their constituents and admit that they are departing from clearly explicated church doctrine, as opposed to taking some sort of "reasonable minds may disagree" approach. It is disingenuous at best and sinful at worst. I guess I have to blame pro-life Democrats for electing such people into office and for repeatedly being taken in by one empty promise after another.