Appeals Court Overturns Florida's Rules on Homosexual Parent Adoptions

Adoption law is always based on what is in the best interests of the child. On that basis the State of Florida had set regulations for adoption eligibility of intended parents. Setting forth the critical nature of every child being endowed with the opportunity to have a father and a mother, Florida had linked this element with the best interests of every child under the rational basis test. A federal court ruling last week has changed that for adopted and foster care children.

CBN News carried a story on this as well at. Ruling that the Florida law is unconstitutional, Miami judges on the Third District Court of Appeals have altered Florida family law dramatically. The vast body of social science research over the last 40 years reveals that children perform better in every category of social indicator when they are raised with both a mother and a father.

The case (read the opinion here) is now ripe for appeal to the Florida Supreme Court by the Attorney General whose role is to defend the laws of the State of Florida. Recently Governor Crist flipped on this issue and stated that he would now support homosexual adoption and may attempt to block an appeal to the Florida high court. His may be a political position in light of the upcoming Florida election for Congress between Crist and Rubio. The now political nature of the case has taken on a new life in light of upcoming November elections for Florida Attorney General. See more on this here.

For an in dept article analyzing this issue from a pro-family pro-child perspective click here. When available, children deserve to be restored to the stability of a family with both a mom and a dad to protect their own best interests.

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