Planned Parenthood is No Friend to Family Restoration - New Jersey and Richmond Planned Parenthood Clinics Exposed as Aiding Sex Trafficking

Amy Woodruff, the clinic manager of a New Jersey Planned Parenthood® office has been fired for aiding and abetting two people who posed as sex trafficking workers, specifically a man posing as an underage undocumented girl’s pimp.  Planned Parenthood agreed to assist him in his work by providing abortions in order to keep “his girls” active for “business.”  The undercover operation was organized by Lila Rose of LiveAction, a youth-led movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending abortion. Ms. Rose, a student at UCLA, founded Live Action in 2006.

When the news of the sting operation broke, Planned Parenthood
® dismissed it as a hoax. The video of the incident had been edited, they claimed, and didn't properly reflect the full context of the discussion.  Yet, as the news began to spread and spiral downward, Woodruff's employment was terminated.  What did the hidden camera reveal? Watch the undercover video and read more of Jim's reaction and plan of response now >

Although Planned Parenthood abortion center personnel around the country have been caught on tape by LiveAction for years willing to break the law in order to perform abortions, the response is always the same: That was only an individual and does not represent Planned Parenthood.  The New Jersey tape begged the question: How many “individuals” does it take to represent Planned Parenthood when LiveAction exposes this behavior in city after city, state after state?

Even as that video was going public, the Virginia General Assembly Senate Education and Health Committee had no qualms about accepting without question Planned Parenthood personnel testimony, and killed all pro-life bills before the Virginia Senate.  Just as ironic is that lawmakers annually ask for support of their anti-human trafficking bills.  A system with this sort of paradoxical integrity is now being exposed. 

Any notion that Planned Parenthood cares about family planning, or families, or even women is completely illogical and invalid in light of this and other factual evidence.  Family Restoration can begin for New Jersey and Richmond, and every other part of the globe, with a rejection of Planned Parenthood and the disservice they provide to families.


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  2. After reading this blog post, I became infuriated. I clicked on every link possible within the post and read all articles attached. I also watched the youtube video entitled "Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp's Underage Sex Ring." This video only enhanced my aggravation. There is a snippet from the video where a pimp tells a planned parenthood employee that some of his girls were 14 or 15 years of age and asked what information could be given to them despite their age. The pimp never asked whether the girls could receive abortions, in fact, the conversation started with the discussion of a possible STD. Yet, the worker gladly volunteered information pertaining to a "bypass" of the the judicial system in order for the minor girls to receive abortions without parental consent. This is absurd! The worker literally gave the pimp advice on how to bypass the judicial system in order for a minor (who from the facts is being pimped out by this man) to receive an abortion. I am pro-life and I have never agreed with what planned parenthood is doing but until this post I was unaware of how extreme their efforts have become. Thank you for shedding light on this issue!

  3. This is disgusting. The twisted part is that it makes perfect sense; it's a classic "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" scenario. They keep each other in business; traffickers get to have girls who are "available for business" and abortion centers like Planned Parenthood get to bring in fresh revenue. Meanwhile these children (because these trafficking victims are often just that) are having their insides torn to shreds by years of constant rape and abortion. This shows that abortion centers like Planned Parenthood care more about their agenda than they do about women.

    I think you raised a very good point in this article about the Virginia General Assembly. This was a contradiction that I had never known about, yet is completely true. We cannot on the one hand legislate against sex trafficking and on the other hand turn a blind eye to businesses such as this one that encourage and enable sex trafficking. Your article makes a great point; if center after center has people breaking the law in order to perform abortions, it no longer becomes a problem with the individual but a problem with the corporation itself.

    Even if one believes that the individual is at fault instead of the company, Planned Parenthood needs to be held accountable. If Planned Parenthood told the Assembly that they had hired someone who turned out to support sex trafficking, the Assembly needed to respond by saying "Then you make a virtual guarantee to us that this will never happen again, or you will lose our backing." This kind of behavior by a corporation, even if it is extreme negligence at best, is completely unacceptable if we are to truly care for our women and children.