Marriage Savers: Preparing, Strengthening and Restoring Marriages

Linda Waite and Maggie Gallagher point out in their important book, The Case For Marriage, married people are healthier, happier, wealthier, live longer and have better sex than those who divorce or remain single. Those threatened by divorce need to be encouraged that there are steps that can be taken to save a marriage, and that marriage is worth the effort.

Marriage Savers exists to assist couples who want to try to save their marriages, and restore their lives to experience the goodness of marriage. Offering several strategies that have been proven to save most marriages, Marriage Savers is effective at helping individuals and at training others to do the same.

The choices of options to strengthen or save marriages depend in part upon the stage of difficulty the marriage is in, from moderate problems that need better communication and problem-solving techniques, to severe problems where both marital partners are considering divorce. Marriage Savers offers a program called Retrouvaille that has been known to bring couples back from the brink of despair. To learn about this program go to www.retrouvaille.org, or to learn of a Marriage Encounter program near you call 1-800-795-LOVE (795-5683), or United Marriage Encounter - 1-866-483-8889. Marriage Savers also offers crisis marriage alternatives with a DVD series called "Choosing Wisely…Before You Divorce," which saves more than half of marriages in crisis, and offer “Marriage 911” option for separated couples. This program is so effective that reconciliation happens 50%-70%. All of these options are available at www.MarriageSavers.org. Marriage Savers also offers customized training for those who would like to be a part of saving and restoring marriages in their own communities as mentors and coaches. They offer marriage preparation training as well.

Family restoration must begin with marriage restoration. Strengthening existing marriages protects and restores marital partners, their children, and builds a stronger society, one marriage at a time.
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Join us for certification training in the new "customized version" of the PREPARE-ENRICH inventory on Saturday, April 30, 2011.
A few testimonials:
"I want to jump on your list of cheerleaders for devising a way to certify PREPARE/ENRICH mentor couples with the Webinar technology." - a pastor
" I am deeply appreciative of the efforts of both PREPARE/ENRICH and Marriage Savers to address the greatest issue (marriage) of our culture at this time."- a pastor
" Clear presentation. Glad we did not have to travel." - a mentor supervisor couple
(Liked) "new material on cohabitation and chastity." - a mentor supervisor couple

Date: Saturday, April 30
Register Now: $100 Deposit. Call 301-469-5873

Registration Deadline: Friday, April 15.
Balance due for training & materials fees
Time: 10-5 EST (unless West Coasters participate).
Training Fee: $195 per church (for up to 4 couples). $45 per additional couple.
Training materials cost: $115 for certification resources for each pastor/mentor supervisor couple; $35 per mentor couple (additional s&h fees for Alaska participants). $4.95 per couple for Workbook.
Summer training: Saturday, June 4.
Registration Deadline: May 20.

Mike McManus, President of Marriage Savers, has been a nationally syndicated columnist for 33 years and is author of five books on marriage, most recently: "Living Together: Myths, Risks & Answers" written with Harriet McManus and "How To Cut America's Divorce Rate in Half: A Strategy Every State Should Adopt," both of which were published in 2008. Mike and Harriet have personally mentored 61 premarital couples. One couple commented, "Going through the mentoring process with you gave both of us a confidence about the strength of our relationship and our ability to deal with various hurdles in marriage."

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