Adoption Promotes Family Restoration

Several states have very recently reestablished their adoption guidelines to provide for the best interests of children. Virginia has taken steps to block proposed rules that would compel private agencies to place foster children with unmarried couples, including gay couples. See the Washington Times report on this at:
http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/apr/6/faith-groups-cheer-halt-to-adoption-requirement/. And as mentioned here on this blog last week, a state cannot be forced to recognize two men as adoptive parents (see http://www.adfmedia.org/News/PRDetail/4719).

In Arkansas, however, the Supreme Court in that state has approved adoption of children by same sex parents. A Wall Street Journal blog entry entitled "Arkansas Supreme Court Expands Gay Adoption Rights," at http://on.wsj.com/dNVO9O details these events. "The Arkansas Supreme Court today struck down a state law that barred unmarried gay and straight couples who “cohabit with a sexual partner” from adopting or serving as foster parents. The law, approved by voters in a 2008 ballot initiative, violates constitutional privacy rights, the court held." (Click here to see the opinion.)

Adoption is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can experience, and a new movie takes on all these challenges in a most dramatic way. "Dandelion Dust" starring award winners Mira Sorvina and Barry Pepper, is based on a Karen Kingsbury book, and is available now on Netflix, but the website and the movie's trailer can be viewed at http://www.likedandeliondust.com/.

Family restoration often requires a parent to give up some of his or her autonomy, for the best interests of a child. That example was first given to us by the Sovereign Lord, Who being Almighty, chose to share and sacrifice His son for the common good - to benefit you and I. Adoption is the picture of the heart of God, and is a true restorer of families, both earthly and eternally.

THIS JUST IN: Texas has now joined 3 other states in requiring an ultrasound, or sonogram in every pregnancy prior to an abortion. The child within is very adoptable... See the story in the New York Times at

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