Virginia Abortion Center Regulations Will Help Restore Women and Families



Thursday afternoon, by a 12-1 vote, the Virginia Board of Health approved regulations proposed by medical experts at the Department of Health to improve the health and safety conditions at abortion centers in Virginia. The approval came with a few minor amendments that left intact every element and aspect of the proposed regulations.  The New York Times reported, “The Virginia Board of Health on Thursday approved a set of regulations for abortion clinics that abortion rights advocates say could result in the closing of a number of the state’s more than 20 clinics. Supporters of the measures say they will make the clinics safer.”  Read the entire piece at http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/16/us/virginia-panel-tightens-abortion-clinic-rules.html.


This was a resounding vote to affirm the notion that the abortion industry ought to be subject to licensing, inspection, and regulations to protect women and their families. Abortion is not health care because it damages and ends lives rather than healing them.  The abortion industry must now meet clear safety standards if it is allowed to operate under the guise of health care. 


The Board-approved regulations now proceed to the Attorney General, the Department of Planning and Budget, the Secretary of Health and Human Resources, and the Governor for final review. Upon such approval, these emergency regulations are scheduled to go into effect January 1, 2012. The regulations will be effective for one year, and the Governor then has the option of extending them an additional six months. The process of creating permanent regulations will also begin when the emergency regulations go into effect.


Women's health care should protect women and their families.  These minimal temporary regulations on abortion clinics are a beginning to that common sense approach to family restoration.




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  1. If abortion advocates care for women like they say they do, then they should be willing to go by the regulations to ensure safety that other health clinics and hospitals have to go by.

    Regulations like these are a step in the right direction until the day when an unborn child is defined as a person under the US Constitution.

    I'm glad to see that Virginia is seeking to protect women and hold these clinics accountable.