Marriage Expansion Puts Individuals, Societies, Churches at Risk

For over a decade, Rose Marie Belforte has been a widely-respected Town Clerk in Ledyard, New York. She loves her job and goes out of her way to ensure that local government works well for the citizens of her small town. When New York legalized same-sex marriage, Rose Marie realized that if she had to certify those marriages, it would conflict with her Christian faith. She asked if a deputy could perform any same-sex marriages should the situation arise.  Her request was denied, and now her job and career are threatened.  See her explain her chilling storry here at  https://marriageada.org/donationland/?ref=EB111013DANT.

Over the past several years, many Americans have been bullied, threatened, and even fired from their jobs, for no other reason than because they support traditional marriage.  The Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance is available to defend Americans' religious liberty and free speech rights in such cases.

U.S. News and World Report's Debate Club has posted some important dialogue on the same sex union debate, recently featuring Bryan Brown (Regent Law 1996), the Executive Director of the National Organization of Marriage.  Brown discusses the implications of same sex marriage for the United States.

"The real question that faces the nation is this: Should the U.S. Supreme Court or Congress invalidate the marriage laws of 44 states and eviscerate 30 state constitutions in order to redefine marriage to make it genderless? ... It is a fundamental misunderstanding of the marriage debate to think that same-sex marriage would exist in the law alongside traditional marriage as simply a new and different expression of the same marriage institution Americans have always known.

What is at stake is two competing definitions of marriage—the union of any two people regardless of gender, versus the collective understanding of virtually every nation throughout recorded history that marriage is the union of one man and one woman."  Read the entire piece at http://www.usnews.com/debate-club/should-gay-marriage-be-legal-nationwide/nationally-legal-gay-marriage-puts-churches-at-risk .

The expansion of marriage toward a genderless standard alters family notions radically.  It begins and completes the process of family deconstruction, and makes family restoration impossible.  


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  2. This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but I honestly fail to see how allowing gay marriage does anything negative for society. As far as heterosexual marriage goes, the divorce rate is so high that you can flip a coin to determine the likelihood of having the union last. Isn't divorce the essence of family destruction?

    The end of the article mentions schools having to teach children that marriages between any two people is right if it is legal, but as it stands now, schools don't have to teach that lots of morally controversial things are right, regardless of being legal. I can't recall learning about marriage at all in school actually (although they could just be my experience).

    Allowing gay couples to marry shouldn't affect anyone's heterosexual marriage, nor would it create a whole "new" type of marriage that would take anything away from the present definition. And are we really against giving the legal benefits to a class of people because of a definition? That reason seems nothing less than absurd. I doubt Mike and Bob being allowed to legally and emotionally benefit from their relationship, in the same way that Mark and Mary are able to, will do anything to harm Mark and Mary's marriage. There's about a 50% change Mark and Mary are harming their marriage on their own.