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What can happen in 72 years?

How about 72 hours... Denmark moves to legalize same sex marriage, and Connecticut School Official's have reversed themselves in requiring students to attend a school play with homosexual theme, and NH may legalize civil unions for siblings ... And Chile’s Constitutional Tribunal is set to reject same sex marriage; and a divorced man is suing his wedding photographer for missing the bouquet toss at his wedding in 2003, though his bride is now his ex-wife and has left the country; and a U. S. Senate Committee begins debate on the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act ; and a NJ judge will consider converting civil union laws to same sex marriage;and a gay couple fights for birth certificate rights in Iowa trial court.

BUT... the New York town clerk of Ledyard who has faith objections to same sex marriage licenses was resoundingly reelected.

This 72-year-married couple illustrate authentic marital oneness. See http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44960859/ns/health-aging/t/couple-married-years-die-holding-hands/#.Tp9yjHEZ_UR where her heart still beat through his body minutes after death.

72 years of oneness - hope offered in the midst of family law chaos.


  1. The story of the couple married for 72 years is such an amazing testament to the commitment that is marriage. In the face of so much that is happening in the world that serves to desensitize the most impressionable amongst us, this incredible example surfaces. My parents will soon be celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary. I feel so very blessed to have been raised by parents who lived out the "oneness" of their union every single day.

  2. I agree with Kathleen. This is an amazing story. My wife and I are in the early years of our marriage and it is very encouraging to see a couple so dedicated to each other. This is definitely not the definition of marriage today. This reflects the true meaning of marriage which is a life long bond between two individuals who are wholly committed to each other.