Abortion, integrity and family restoration: Can you change your mind on abortion?

Can you change someone's mind on abortion? People love to hold their own views, but they also love to be consistent, or at least believe that they are inherently consistent.

When confronted with the logic of choice, many sense a lack of personal integrity in their ideas of choice. This can be convicting, sobering, but also esteem building and encouraging. See the video at http://www.180movie.com/ .

That lack of integrity and personal consistency can be apparent in the politically charged environment of choice. See

http://www.thecloakroomblog.com/2011/10/obamas-war-on-catholics-continues-fealty-to-abortion-trumps-victims-of-sex-trafficking/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheCloakroomHumanSexuality+%28The+Cloakroom+%C2%BB+Human+Sexuality%29 for how that atmosphere can trump even the protection of children enslaved in criminal underground sex trafficking rings.

Abortion also has international implications, as in how the international human right to choice is affecting Mexico's abortion position. See the Jurist.org article at http://jurist.org/sidebar/2011/10/carlos-cisneros-mexican-abortion.php.

Family law, abortion, human trafficking, and political consistency still have a personal stake in human integrity and family restoration.

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