Faith, Family Planning, and Adoption

At a time when faith is seriously under fire in the context of mandated contraception required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (read the Wall Street Journal’s article on this here), and in the context of abortion with charitable funding from the research based Susan G. Komen Foundation designed to end breast cancer going to Planned Parenthood of America, the most pro-abortion organization globally (read about these circumstances from Reuters here), and with new links every day revealing abortion as a major cause of breast cancer - persons of faith realize the culture wars are not just occurring in the media, but in our very lives.

The good news is that faith based adoption agencies were not only recognized, but protected in a recent act of the Virginia Legislature. On February 10 the Virginia Senate approved a bill allowing adoption agencies to refuse placement to families if the agency, or anyone affiliated with it, disagrees with the proposed placement based on religious beliefs. Read the Jurist article here. The Virginia Board of Social Services had already adopted similar regulations in December of 2011, but this bill now codifies that policy.

Faith is so integral in family strength. And family strength is fostered by good decisions regarding contraceptive use, abortion avoidance, and parenting choices. Children and families are at the center of more than the culture wars – they are a target for spiritual warfare. Faith, though, is a restorer of people, and fosters family restoration.

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