Super Bowl and Family Restoration

Super Bowl XLVI could bring family restoration to millions this weekend - from marriage to children needing a family, high profile football personalities understand how important family restoration is to our culture.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke on Thursday about his wife who passed away earlier this year. "America needs family values, and that starts with strong marriages." See his remarks at http://search.espn.go.com/s/overlay/videoOverlay?searchString=interview&id=7529991&dims=6&start=0.

Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy and his wife, Lauren, have adopted several children and would love to see more families consider adoption. A free downloadable video featuring Tony and Lauren Dungy is available from Bethany Christian Services for use at your Super Bowl party or anytime. This 3-minute video message includes a personal appeal to Americans on the subjects of adoption and the orphan crisis.

"The big win on Super Sunday would be to raise awareness about the millions of children who need a family. I would love to see thousands of local community groups and circles of friends consider how they can help," said Dungy, the winning head coach of the 2007 Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts.
Marriage and children remain the focus of a great football tradition, and family restoration for a strong America.


  1. I am SO happy to see this!
    My heart hurts for all the children in foster care...especially the children that are considered "older" and no one seems to want to adopt.

    I get frustrated with people who leave the country to adopt when we have PLENTY of children in the US that need a good home and loving parents.

    I truly believe that adopting a child (no matter how old they are), showing them love, helping them build confidence, and getting them into counseling is one of the most honorable things to do for someone else.

    Prayerfully, I'll be in a position one day to adopt several children and give them a new chance at a successful and promising future....and most of all, just to LOVE them and let them know that they are important and they do matter!

  2. As a Patriots fan, I really appreciate Robert Kraft speaking on behalf of his wife. It is refreshing so see wholesome values brought back to the realm of professional sports. On a side note, the team dedicating the season to Marie Kraft speaks loudly to the kind of woman Marie was and the relationship her and Robert shared.

    As a newly-wed, I couldn't agree more with Robert's comments. It is truly wonderful having someone to share your life with that you can count and depend on. Family values begin in the home, and the bond you share with your spouse strengthens your battle with "the outside world".

  3. Although I am not adopted myself, and I am blessed to not have been in the foster care system, I was raised by a single mother who could have easily given my brother and I up for adoption or put us into the foster care system. My mother is also a foster parent. She does therapuetic foster care for children who come from homes where there was drug abuse involved, or troubled teens. I have had two foster siblings graduate out of the foster care system because my mother was willing to help.

    At this very moment my 11 year old foster brother is living with my mother. He has been with us since he was six years old. He came from an abusive home where his biological mother was on drugs, and had been when she was pregnant with him. Due to her addictions he was born with developmental and behavioral problems, and deemed "too much to handle." After over 5 years in our home, and his mother giving away her rights as a parent, my mother is considering adopting him.

    It's stories like this that we face domestically, but if as a society could be more like my mother we could beat this adoption crisis.

  4. Adoption is a wonderful, heart opening gesture that any adult should do if they feel that they are called to bring these children into their homes. I think is would be great if the adoption laws in America were simpiler and easier to navigate.

    So many couples seek children to adopt outside of our country because of the cost, hassle and legal hurdles that are in place here. We should take care of our own children first before we seek to add children from China, Russia, etc.

    If we really believe that the children are the future of our country then lets try to take care of the ones who are already here and need loving families and homes. It is our responsibility to foster and educate the next generation and I believe that if we open and simplify adoption of the children in America we can greatly influence the direction of our country.

  5. This video clip is truly inspiring and brings great awareness to the importance of adoption. It is one the most selfless things you can do in the world and I admire families that have chosen to adopt. For a lot of people getting pregnant is easy and too often not planned. Adoption is a planned choice and shows the passion within the couple or person choosing to bring another into their family.

    I have several close friends that were adopted and their stories are powerful and amazing. They were all adopted at birth and were brought into the most loving and caring families I know. Through adoption they were given to chance to grow up surrounded by love and faith. They are all successful individuals in their personal and family lives.

    Adoption in our society is often held out as a last alternative for those who have had trouble conceiving. Fortunately I have been able to see past this stereotype to see adoption for what it really is. Through this video I hope to inspire others to adopt, educate those who are unsure, and bring awareness to the children in need.