Should Christians stop adoption/foster care if required to work with same sex couples?

Click here to read the full version of this article from Christianity Today regarding same-sex couples and adoption, featuring Professor Kohm as she urges foster care agencies to fight unconstitutional mandates and uphold what is in the best interest of the child.


  1. The focus should be on children. A question to ask is it better to have a child in a foster home, which might not provide the proper developmental foundation for the child or allow the child to live with to adults which are able to give there full attention to the needs of the child. The best interest of the child should be the priority. I think it is better to be in a loving home than a foster home.

  2. I agree that the best interest of the child should be the priority. In response to Mr. Stolle's argument that it would be better for a child to live with homosexual foster parents than to live in a house where a parent might not be able to give the child its full attention (single parent home?), I would say that in many single parent homes there are other family members who can help the single-parent. The issue with homosexual parents is that the child is not getting parenting from two parents who each serve a different, but equal role.

    When two moms, for example, a child will be left without the spiritual authority that the husband of a marriage is supposed to provide for his family. In a single mom's house, there may be and uncle or grandfather who can serve as a spiritual head for that family.

    I recognize that in many single-parent homes this is not the case, but in many it is.