Family Restoration and the Significance of Marriage

In our efforts to communicate the significance of marriage to family restoration we have made a number of posts here at FamilyRestoration detailing arguments surrounding the current marriage debate. '

Here we link for you a clear and concise booklet that you can print, send, or share in efforts to equip and educate people in the area of marriage. Drafted by collaborative efforts between Alliance Defending Freedom, Family Research Council, National Organization for Marriage, and The Heritage Foundation, it is a clear, concise, and effective tool in understanding marriage and the future of the family.

There is a strong cultural contingent in the legal community that will hasten the legalization of polygamy in the wake of marriage equality. You can read about that strategy here as "marriage equality for all," at this link. For a response to the legalization of same sex marriage and how it relates to legalization of multiple marriage partners see the insightful and informative article at this link.

Furthermore, the Anglican Church of England has issued now in April 2013 a definitive statement on the positive value of marriage in the Christian ethic. The document from the Faith and Order Commission can be found at this link.

Finally, there are some important things you and your family can do on your own to protect and strengthen marriage, available at this link. They include:

  1. Hold tight to the truths of the Scriptures. Do not grow weary.
  2. Honor a biblical understanding of marriage by remaining faithful to your respective spouse.
  3. Continue raising your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
  4. Share the Good News of the Gospel with all people. Be winsome but be bold.
Family restoration for American culture is dependent on a solid legal foundation for marriage between one man and one woman that will protect the best interests of children.

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