Domestic Violence and the Boxing Ring

Even in a tough and violent sport like boxing, there is a recognition that violence against women is shameful. 

This weekend boxing champion Floyd Mayweather will meet challenger Robert Guerrero in a title match.  Speaking at last night’s weigh-in press conference Guerrero’s father targeted Mayweather’s domestic violence record, calling the fighter a “wife beater,” highlighting a generational pattern of domestic violence in this video posted by the Guardian at http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/video/2013/may/02/robert-guerrero-father-floyd-mayweather-video.

The LA Times reported on Mayweather’s domestic violence record and time that has passed since those events.  “More than eight months have passed since Floyd Mayweather Jr. walked out of a Las Vegas jail after serving nearly 90 days for his role in a domestic violence case involving the mother of his three children.”  See the full article at http://articles.latimes.com/2013/may/01/sports/la-sp-mayweather-guerrero-20130502.

Domestic violence is detrimental to families in myriad ways.  According to one national organization dedicated to ending domestic violence it is an ill that knows now boundaries, and is often harbored in families.  “An estimated one in every three women worldwide experiences violence, with rates reaching as high as 70 percent in some countries. Gender-based violence ranges from rape to domestic abuse and acid burnings to dowry deaths and so-called “honor killings.” Violence against women and girls — in peacetime and in conflict — knows no national or cultural boundaries.”  See http://womenthrive.org/issues/violence?gclid=CPiHl6_Q-rYCFYtT4AoddhYAWg.

Families are strengthened when men and women treat each other with respect, honor, and love.  Restoration begins on that foundation.  A family cannot be restored where violence prevails.  The incarceration Mayweather served for his past violent acts may help deter future occurrences. The shame that is carried with domestic violence is humiliating for both victim and perpetrator, but it can add further deterrence to future violence.  Ultimately, individuals surrendered to a loving God can let Him change their behavior, and ultimately break any negative family patterns.  New things can come.  

Violence against women is shameful, even for a tough boxer.


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