Medicaid and Health Care Reform for Family Restoration

As people age, families make adjustments economically, socially, and in health care.  Health care and Medicaid eligibility becomes a consideration.  Aging family members need information and family support to freely make those important decisions.

Bryon Ackerman, Regent Law 2013 Graduate, studied Medicaid law as it relates specifically to Arizona residents in his recent research for a course in Elder Law.  His findings and analysis are helpful for any family as they consider the need for Medicaid assistance.  His presentation can be viewed here.  You can read a portion of his article entitled "What You Need to Know About Medicaid" here.

Many changes are coming to the Medicaid program through Congress's passage of the Affordable Care Act.  Also in Elder Law last semester Ryan Hofman, Regent Law 2013 Graduate, researched the effects of the new health care law on the elderly and their families.  He considers the philosophical underpinnings of the Act, concluding that utilitarian theory may underlie the legislation, noting "a disturbing trend in modern medical thinking that will have a significant impact on today's elderly population."  Hofman's presentation can be viewed here.  His article provides a solid introduction to the Affordable Care Act, describing the concept of utilitarianism and its relation to the medical field, and giving a Biblical perspective on utilitarianism.  The article then offers evidence that the Act will  potentially promote utilitarian practices that will negatively affect the elderly and their families, but also considers some potential methods for dealing with this possibility.  Hofman's article attempts to answer whether there will be inequality in health care rationing based on utilitarian precepts.  The introduction to his well written article can be viewed here.

Family strength provides a safe environment for elderly family members moving toward health care concerns and Medicaid consideration.  Family restoration allows for those aging family members to be protected while moving through the seasons of life.

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