Regent Law Students Working toward Family Restoration Around the World

Summer opportunities for Regent law students are directive and confirming of their calling to law and their future practice as attorneys.  This post will highlight three women and the work they did in the Summer of 2013, as well as give some glimpses of their future as lawyers.

Elizabeth Oklevitch is a 3L who served a summer internship in 2012 in South Africa working on aspects of the rule of law and also served as a student law clerk in United States District Court, Western District of New York.  She has sensed a calling to work in the area of child advocacy and family restoration.  This past summer she served in the U.S. Attorney's Office in Rochester, NY, largely working on child exploitation and constitutional law issues.  Read more about her perspective and experiences here.

 Abby Skeans is a 3L who came to Regent Law to gain critical training for her calling to rule of law development work in Sub-Saharan Africa through the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law. Through her internships with a partner organization, Sixty Feet, and stipends provided by the Center, Abby has spent both of her summers serving the juvenile justice systems of Uganda and Malawi.  She has sought systemic reform by supporting a program that gave nearly 150 children access to justice in the past year, developing a database program that is transferable to other African nations, and implementing a legal literacy clinic for juvenile offenders.  Read more about Abby's work here, and on her blog

 Heather Pate, also a 3L, has worked as a student intern with the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law and spent last summer in D.C. working with the National Coalition on Adoption in the legislative policy realm protecting children. This past summer, she worked with policy makers and law enforcement officials in Uganda to end child sacrifice in that nation.  Read more about her experiences here.

Each of these women have responded to God's call upon their lives and have been led to incredible opportunities around the world to make a difference for children.  Their desire to see family restoration happen has been turned into action, and they are making a difference now as students.  Each has been prepared to definitely make a difference as lawyers for the rest of their lives.

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