Family Restoration Through Film

In a one night only event, Focus on the Family produces Irreplaceable, a film that seeks to answer two fundamental life questions: 1) What is family? and 2) Does family still matter in today's society?

Narrated by New Zealander Tim Sisarich, the 85-minute film takes a real-life look at attitudes about biblical marriage, sexuality, and parenting.   In U.S. theaters one night only, Tuesday, May 6.  For more information or to secure tickets, visit www.irreplaceablethemovie.com.

This is just the first in a series of movies planned by Focus on the family.  Read more at http://www.irreplaceablethemovie.com/film.html:
Every member of the human race has the desire for significance—a desire to belong. And the family is where those deepest longings are fulfilled.
Irreplaceable is the first in a series of feature-length documentaries that will approach the concept of the family from a number of different angles. The goal of each documentary is to recover, renew and reclaim the cultural conversation about the family.

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