The Truth About Marriage & Divorce Statistics

Is the divorce rate in American really 50%?  An interesting article on marriage and divorce revealed that maybe things aren't so bad for marriage. In fact, a recent report revealed that divorce rates for first time marriages are not the well-accepted 50%, but are actually end in divorce at closer to one half that, or 25% of the time.  This is interesting (and a bit refreshing even though 25% is still not ideal), but sheds some light and clarity on the statistics. 


Indeed, most marriages do make it! Read the full article from CBN News, and more about these numbers and the report at about the truth on marriage and divorce statistics at

Looking deeper at the statistics, the United States Census Bureau reveals these truths also.  Here's what another article reports:


"According to the Census Bureau, 72% of those who have ever been married, are still married to their first spouse! And the 28% who aren't, includes everyone who was married for many years, until a spouse died. No-one knows what the average first-marriage divorce rate actually is, but based on the rate of widowhood and other factors, we can estimate it is probably closer to 20-25%. For all marriages (including second marriages, and so on), it is in the 31-35% range, depending on the study."

You can read that entire report at https://catalystconference.com/read/everything-we-think-we-know-about-marriage-and-divorce-is-wrong/?utm_source=catalyst+monthly&utm_medium=email&utm_content=title&utm_campaign=201405monthly

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So the truth about marriage and divorce statistics is better than we have thought.  There is more hope.
This information is used with thanks to Joshua Costello (Regent Law 2014) and Rachel Toberty (Regent Law 2013).

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