Child Participation - Key to Family Strength

What makes a family strong?  Valuing children.  What makes a nation strong? Valuing children.  And children are valued when they are encouraged to participate in their family, and in justice. 

This fresh new perspective is now available from Oxford University Press, at https://global.oup.com/academic/product/international-perspectives-and-empirical-findings-on-child-participation-9780199366989?lang=en&cc=us#.  Containing a broad scope of international scholarship on child participation, this book is an important piece of state-of-the-art literature on how to engage children in decision-making processes, and the immense value of doing so.  Written by renowned academics from all over the world, contributing book chapters of empirical evidence, their work is most revealing of how to empower children with participation. 

Family strength is made more possible by valuing children with significant participation in justice and their own family life. 




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