Families Want Safe Restrooms for All Children

Regent Law alumni Jeremy Tedesco, with Alliance Defending Freedom, comments on concerns over restroom policies to accommodate all school students: 
Proposed Virginia school policy violates children's privacy, invites lawsuits
ADF letter encourages district to maintain distinct facilities for boys, girls
Wednesday, May 06, 2015
 Attorney sound bites:  Matt Sharp  |  Jeremy Tedesco FAIRFAX, Va. – Alliance Defending Freedom sent Fairfax County Public Schools a letter Wednesday that explains the problems with a proposed policy that would eliminate the longstanding and common-sense policy of designating restroom facilities for use by one sex, thus allowing students to use restrooms and changing areas reserved for the opposite sex.
 Instead, ADF is offering a model policy that addresses the concerns which prompted the proposal, slated for a vote Thursday, but does not allow both sexes to use the same restrooms and locker rooms – a recipe for potential legal liability when it comes to children's privacy and safety.

The best interests of all children and their families are fulfilled with this policy.  Look at page 4 of that article to see how schools, particularly public schools, are required by courts to treat all kids.  Regent Law alumni are making a difference.

Law is more than a profession - it's a calling.

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