Chatsworth, Marriage & Money: The Economics of Love?

What are the economics of love? Regent students studying in Oxford this summer found out with a visit to Chatsworth in Derbyshire, UK to get a glimpse of how money affects marriage, and marriage affects money. 
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They also studied child marriage and its implications today despite international law prohibiting the practice, and visited Charlecote Park in Warwickshire, UK to learn how marriage united family estates.  Other aspects of marriage economics were studied regarding family fragmentation to discover that marriage and money will always be relevant to one another, all while we witnessed the politics of marriage from abroad in the judicial redefinition of marriage by the Supreme Court of the United States
Marriage and money will always be inexorable. 
But Chatsworth, the site of the filming of the 2006 movie Pride & Prejudice, was a nice example of how they can come together with love, hopefully in reality just as they do in fiction.

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