Ashley Madison & the Adulterous Woman/Man?

The hacking of Ashley Madison may begin the website’s demise, and the demise of careers for some high profile men and women who participated in the clandestine site.

Among those ranks are U.S Vice Pres. Joe Biden’s son, where his denial and subsequent finger-pointing at Russian spies has not helped his professionalism in his post at Georgetown University.  See the latest on that here.

Biden is not alone in getting caught, but some Americans are finding their own pastor’s name on the list.  Ed Stetzer, a leading Christian syndicated blogger, writes about this here.  Stetzer inverts the Ashley Madison slogan from “Life is short. Have an affair,” to “Life is Eternal. Don’t Cheat.”

Jesus Christ challenges contemporary thinking even further when a crowd of stone throwers confront him with an adulterous woman caught in the act (wait… what? no adulterous man? Doesn’t adultery take 2? I recommend a Christian Perspective on Gender Equality for those condemners…).  Drawing a line in the sand and challenging anyone without fault to be the first to throw a stone, all accusers are foiled... and He replies “Neither do I condemn you. Go now and leave your life of sin.”  (John 8:2-11)

As Ashley Madison is crumbling, rejoice in one less trap out there for weak spouses, but a Christian response also mimics that of Christ… you have been caught; go now and leave your life of shame. 

Family restoration thrives on confession and forgiveness, reconciliation with the One who offers eternal life, and restoration of marriage in a whole new radical way.


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