War on Women - in Sports?

The Captain of the Women's Iranian Soccer Team was forced to miss the Asian Cup after her husband took her passport, intentionally and completely prohibiting her from participation in the championship game.

Yet, is it possible that the voice of not one American women's rights activist has been heard, until now?  As reported by NBC Sports, "Under Iranian law, husbands can stop their wives from traveling outside of the country. …The dilemma of Ardalan, known by the nickname ‘Lady Goal,’ has sparked social media chatter across Iran, with many demanding she be allowed to travel and play." Yet doesn’t it seem that American women's rights activists are somewhat silent on this?  Women around the globe are fighting for basic rights of travel and participation and safety, sometimes even from their own communities and families.  American women ought to champion their human rights and come to their defense with at least our voices.


To better understand the failure of both feminism and religion in representing women's rights around the world read Part IV of the Paradox of Female Happiness.

Family restoration relies on women's basic freedoms within marriage, family and sports.

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