"Undivorce"? Like "Unfriend"?

Have you ever heard of "undivorce"?  A couple in Michigan and another couple in NH were trying to pursue undoing their recent divorce when they began to experience the tax problems that resulted from no longer being married.  See the facts at https://www.wnj.com/News-and-Events/News/Undivorce-The-Next-Trend.

The incidence of trying to undo a divorce at all is evidence of haste in divorce, rather than thoughtfulness in addressing the martial problems, and yes, as the article says, poor legal advice on the tax complications of no longer being married.  To understand a bit more on how and why marriage is so fundamental to economic benefit see Why Marriage is Still the Best Default in Estate Planning Conflicts.  While there is currently no judicial or legislative option for undoing a divorce or obtaining and "undivorce," there are a lot of good reasons to reconsider a hasty divorce.  And in the meantime, a couple in a troubled marriage might find themselves Understanding Realistic Reconciliation in an Age of Divorce, and enjoying the benefits of restoring their marriage.

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  1. Katherine Thomas (2L)April 13, 2016 at 9:26 PM

    When I read this blog post the first thing that came to mind was the many times I am stuck at a red stop light and I see a plain sign in the ground saying something to the effect of “Quick Divorce, $179.” I’ve seen a few variations but they all allude to the same thing, if you want a quick, inexpensive divorce, then call our number. Additionally, out of curiosity, just doing a Google search for “VA Divorce,” the top websites listed are either DIY divorce sites selling the legal forms or “Court Approval Divorce Guaranteed” sites ranging $79-149. The point I’m making is that society today to all to eager to jump on the quick divorce train, but it really doesn’t stop to think about how getting a divorce today is going to effect me tomorrow.