Abortion and the Sanctity of Life

Marking 44 years of legalized abortion which has effectively expanded to an unlimited right, a generation of families point to the effects of abortion on family law.  To learn more download Roe’s Effect on Family Law, published in the Washington & Lee Law Review.  
Discussing how the Supreme Court decision has affected key areas of family life, Section 1 considers the wedges driven between wives and husbands since Roe, Section 2 discusses the interferences between parents and children since Roe, and Section 3 reveals how Roe has dramatically devastated romance in the 21st century.  These effects are deleteriously influencing American families.
Meanwhile, the White House has shown a determined direction to curb abortion and its costs to American tax payers.  This week President Trump signed an Executive Order to end American funding of foreign abortion.  Find out more at TheHill.com.  
Families are restored when human life is defended.

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