Decriminalizing domestic violence is a bad move for Russia's families

Last week the Russian Parliament voted to decriminalize domestic violence, siting the move as a conservative strategy to strengthen families.  Couching it as a “family problem,” the members of parliament voted resoundingly 380-3 in favor of it, and the bill is expected to be signed by Russian President Putin.

Families need stability and safety to thrive.  When one family member takes advantage of others with physical harm that hurts the individual member, that violence also damages the entire family. 

Children especially deserve protection, as parents must provide for their best interests at all times.  See Tracing the Foundations of the Best Interests of the Child Standard in American Jurisprudence.  These values arise out of a world view that protects others as one would protect himself.  Women may indeed be disillusioned with law, particularly when nations don’t seem to work to protect them from harm.  The best solution to this problem is revealed in  Christianity, Feminism, and the Paradox of Female Happiness

Decriminalizing domestic violence is a bad move for Russia's families.

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