How much SNAP $ is needed by American families?

President Trump's first budget proposal asks Congress to consider decreasing food stamp spending in fiscal year 2018.   Federal government subsidizes for American families are important, but have also risen dramatically over the past decade.  

SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is a public welfare benefit for families that need help with their household food budget due to unemployment or family breakdown.  It has, however, become so easy to qualify for SNAP that the system can be victimized by fraud, and can even work to rob families of personal responsibility.  The program has also worked to burden state and federal governments with huge public benefits costs.  For example, since 2007, Alabama households had a 248% increase in annual SNAP costs, Californian’s saw a 252% increase in annual SNAP costs, Delaware households had a 275% increase in annual SNAP costs, Georgia households had a 257% increase in annual SNAP costs, and DC saw a massive 368% increase in SNAP expenditures. 

Find out how much your state spends on SNAP by viewing the appendix at A Fifty-State Survey of the Cost of Family Fragmentation, 25 REGENT U.L. REV. 25 (2012). Family restoration may even be hindered by too much government overreach into families, creating a dependence by those families who may be otherwise situated to not be in need of SNAP funds.

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