No Best Interests for Life of Charlie Gard

The life of UK baby Charlie Gard has been ordered by three courts to be terminated, despite all the efforts of his parents to save him.   

Should a child not be allowed to live because he or she has a rare disease? The international Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) guarantees in its language that a child has a right to life, but when that right was tested in two separate English courts and then in the International Court of Human Rights, legal protection for Charlie was denied by all.  His parents have fought the national and international judiciary and the medical community unsuccessfully to protect his life.  He is ordered to die in defiance of their wishes, and his right.  Read the National review summary of the case here.

In the United States parents and courts are legally required to protect the best interests of every child.  Charlie's parents are being denied the opportunity to do that by the very legal system that should be supporting them in that effort. 

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