Banning Fatherhood?

Fatherhood has officially been banned on FreeTV in Australia. 

Rod Drehr’s American Conservative article on this highlights the political nature of gendered parenting when special interest groups feel threatened by fatherhood, and images of children needing a daddy around.  

Many western nations are experiencing a crisis in father absence in their children’s lives.  This phenomenon is not unrelated to family breakdown, marriage decline, and sexual orientation emphases. 

In Rethinking Mom and Dad, I consider state statutory codes defining what is in the best interests of a child, and explore those legal rules from perspectives of pediatric medicine, social science, constitutional requirements, and federal law and policy in determining if it is truly in a child’s best interests to have both a mom and a dad.  The article concludes with a discussion of dual gendered parenting imperatives, while offering innovative resolutions to the best interests of children missing either a mom or a dad.  See the banned Daddy ad here.

Politics aside, kids really do need their dads.  Family restoration requires adults to put children’s needs above any political agenda and provide what is truly in their best interests.

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