Federal Judges & Families

Federal judges with strong pro-family values have an important impact on family policy nationally through solid judicial decision-making.  In 2017 a number of federal judges nominated by President Trump were confirmed by the United States Senate. These judges are likely to faithfully interpret the Constitution and state law, rather than attempt to create law from the bench.

Two of the most recent appointments to federal circuit courts have strong ties to the Family Policy Alliance network. Judge Don Willett, formerly Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, was recently confirmed to sit on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  He has an excellent judicial reputation and is closely connected to Texas Values, Family Policy Alliance’s allied organization in Texas. Also, Judge Steve Grasz of Nebraska was confirmed to sit on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.  He was formerly on the board of the Nebraska Family Alliance and his son, Nate Grasz, serves as the Policy Director of that organization.

The work of a judge is critical to the application of the law, and to protecting children. He or she can make a difference for generations.  Family restoration will be served by these two fine appointments.

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