Women Called to Law: Discipleship in Action

Here at the Regent University School of Law the members of the law faculty have a strong sense of mentoring and discipleship. Meet some of the women involved in my central discipleship group who are about to graduate in a month! We have all loved every minute of our time together, growing in Christ, becoming excellent new lawyers, and learning how to change the world through discipling others.

Two hours every two weeks at my home we focus on bible study, prayer, and training aspects of discipling others, including evangelism techniques, bible study leadership methods, personal discipleship tools and mentoring generally to include life, practice and family responsibilities as priorities for any woman who's called to the Great Commission.

We focused on sequenced objectives in spiritual growth in each woman’s personal relationship with Christ: a certainty of Salvation, Forgiveness, an Assurance of Salvation, living a Spirit Filled Life, familiarity with the Bible (Books, translations, OT & NT Highlights), establishing a consistent personal Quiet Time, understanding personal Bible Study, prayer. We also gain expertise in evangelism by learning how to communicate a basic gospel outline, each woman’s personal testimony, how to sharing the gospel from the Bible directly, how to do basic follow up of a new believer, basic discipleship in a Bible Study, how to disciple our children, and most importantly, the concept of Spiritual Multiplication. Discipleship in this manner aids a future attorney in developing and eternal perspective while developing professionally in law school.

As women, we have a special calling, more adequately described as multiple callings, as a lawyer, spiritual leader, then eventually wife, and mother. This spring we focused time on how to disciple our children – and that training put into action at the right time will be what truly changes the world. Discipleship with these women has developed important Christian maturity that will pay deep dividends in each woman’s abilities toward Family Discipleship in the future. It is so very exciting to see not only how female law students can be mentored by faculty, but also the creation of a network of multiplied discipleship groups that reaches dozens of our students, and their future families.

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